Dear Valued 205 Club Members,

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the closure of our CAC-205 location as of January 31st, 2023.These last 3 years have been extremely challenging for everyone, with many businesses fighting for their survival, but not many industries had a harder fight than the fitness industry. Nationwide, roughly 33% of fitness facilities did not survive. However, the good news is our Gresham location on 192nd and Division, and our Vancouver location, have both bounced back strongly from the challenges they faced in their markets and are now thriving!

The CAC 205 location opened in 1987, and quickly became the busiest of our Cascade facilities. As the years passed, numerous competitors moved into that market and various boutique studios. But while this location was able to resiliently withstand fresh competition due to incredible staff, our appeal to the young families moving into the neighborhood, our long-term members’ unwavering loyalty, and a landlord who had a desire to see us succeed, the challenges of recovering from COVID just proved too great.

We are in the process of working with our great team of staff at CAC-205 to find them opportunities at our Gresham and/or Fisher’s Landing locations. We love and appreciate our team, and are hopeful that many of them are able to stay in the CAC family. Scott Dobson has led a group of amazing staff over the years. So many friendships have been built between members and staff. Health goals have been pursued, and wonderful memories have been created.

And for you, our members, we sincerely hope to continue to serve many of you at one of our other 2 locations. We realize that location is a major consideration of choosing a fitness facility that best serves your needs, but effective immediately, all 205 members have access to our Gresham and Fisher’s Landing facilities for no additional charge. Additionally, if you choose to continue working out with us after January 31st, we will honor your current 205 dues rate through June 30th, 2023! Come see what our other locations have to offer…tennis, pickleball, rock climbing, basketball, larger pools, waterparks, larger weight floors, extensive kids’ programs, and plenty of space to spread out. Drive a little…live a LOT!

PLEASE VISIT OUR GRESHAM OR VANCOUVER LOCATION NOW FOR NO ADDITIONAL FEE. If you decide to keep your current dues rate and enjoy the extra amenities of these facilities, all we need is a reply email, call, or Change Form at the Welcome Center, stating your desire with “KEEP 205 DUES FOR GRESHAM” (OR “VANCOUVER”). These rates will apply through June 2023, or until you decide to cancel.

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T CONTACT US, YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL SUNSET ON FEBRUARY 1ST – so no need to process a written cancellation or to contact the office. Members with prepaid dues who do not opt to switch to one of our other facilities will automatically have any unused dues refunded.

Cheers to our staff, members, and 35 years of wonderful memories. We hope to see many of you around our other facilities as we create our next 35 years of memories!


Gresham - Cascade Athletic Clubs


fishers landing gym