Program Director

E-mail: FLprograms@CascadeAC.com

Brief info

How long have you been at CAC? Officially!? 9... Unofficially... Ask Jon Martin! (Ride bike cleaning for fun weekend “adventures”)

What is your job title? Program Director at Fisher's Landing... Or as I like to call it, “The Dianna of the North”.

What is your job description? Make fun happen!!

How did you start at CAC? I grew up here! My best friend (Kasey Martin) and I would tell our parents we were coming in to “workout” which really meant walking around talking, sitting in the hot tub until we decided it was time to order smoothies and grilled cheese sandwiches. Slowly we actually started working out and using the Club for what it was intended and one day, Connie Martin asked me what I thought about leaving at Portland Parks as a swim instructor to come work at Cascade. Bada bing bada boom! Here I am!

Favorite fitness quote: “Make a change because you love your body, not because you hate it” and I'm famous for saying “It's a thing...”

Hobbies: Reading, Groove and Zumba, Laughing, Pretending I'm the Rachel Ray in my kitchen, Making crafts, going on adventures, writing lists Education: Did a solid 13 year stint in Catholic School and Oregon State University, GO BEAVS, Ethnic Studies (in progress... STILL!)

Fun Facts: I have a self proclaimed degree in criminal justice from all the episodes of Criminal Minds and Law and Order that I have watched, I'm debating writing a book of all the hilarious stories from years of working with kids, and it is my life goal to end up as one of those professional funny people on a VH1 show.