General Manager


Brief info

How long have you been at CAC? on staff since 1986...full time since 2003!

What is your job title? General Manager of Gresham CAC

What is your job description? I oversee the day to day operations and projects for the Gresham location of CAC.

How did you start at CAC? I suppose you could say it's in my blood...Cascade was started by my dad and grandpa in 1977. While it is exciting to be involved in the family business, it is more exciting to be part of a company and industry that takes an active role in improving the lives of our members and surrounding communities.

What is your favorite fitness quote? Fitness is not about being better than someone's about being better than you used to be."

Hobbies: I enjoy camping, skiing, being with my wife and kids, and attempting to golf!

Education: Bachelors in Business Management, George Fox University 2003