Program & Communications Manager

E-mail: Dianna@CascadeAC.com

How long have you been at CAC?  5.5 years

What is your job title? Program & Communication Manager

What is your job description? To bring the FUN, fitness and friends together at Cascade while keeping everyone informed.

How did you start at CAC? In 2012 I knew I was nearing the end of my daily parenting career and was looking to return to the workforce full time.  But, I was looking for a work family to belong to for my last position in my working life, not just a job.  I have found that place, and the right people, at Cascade.

What is your favorite fitness quote? “I may not be fast, but I just lapped everyone on the couch.Work out and eat clean for your health. Looking good is just a side effect.”

Hobbies: Running, reading, water skiing and kids

Education: Portland State University, Exercise Science

Fun facts: I was in the circus and love to be upside down more than right side up.  I used to own and operate a gymnastics program.  I can back a trailer and get my boat in the water by myself better than most men (thanks honey for teaching me!)  I am athletic in all ways, and afraid of the ball in softball.