Fitness Manager

E-mail: danielle@CascadeAC.com

How long have you been at CAC? Almost 20years! Dec ’14 20years

What is your job title? Fitness Manager/Group Fitness Manager

What is your job description? Oversee an awesome group of Personal trainers and Group fitness instructors. To be inspired daily by their committment to our members and to inspire the team to be the best in all that they do! Making sure that we make working out fun for our members so it’s easy for them to do it forever.

How did you start at CAC? I was in college and began by teaching group fitness classes part time. Then I did a personal training internship, worked for a couple years as a trainer before taking over the PT department, and then a few years later the Group Fitness Department. It’s been a fun ride!

What is your favorite fitness quote? If nothing changes – nothing changes. AND If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got! I am famous for the saying “Here’s the deal…”

Hobbies: Cooking, exploring restaurants and pubs, traveling.

Education: MS Health Ed, BS Health and Fitness Promotion. Graduated from High School, middle school, elementary school, and Kindergarten. 🙂

Fun facts: I don’t know what other people find interesting…I am completely left/right dyslexic from teaching group fitness for so many years – don’t ask me for directions! I have been working in the fitness industry for about 25 years – I remember mixing my own cassette tapes for classes, and wearing thong leotards :-[    I am a sucker for anything cooked in a cart!